Corel and Xcential Create XML Tools for Government Customers; Corel Updates Smart Graphics Studio

Jul 18, 2003

Corel Corporation and Xcential Group, LLC have announced a partnership to provide government customers an XML application specifically designed for the creation, amendment, and delivery of legislation. Xcential's LegisPro is built upon the Corel XMetaL platform to create an optimal environment that improves efficiency and reduces the costs associated with creating and maintaining legislation and regulations. The XMetaL/LegisPro solution is designed for government applications because it leverages the power of XML, making it extremely adaptable to complex processes and procedures. The solution improves accuracy by ensuring all XML documents are valid, allowing editors to focus on the content of the measures rather than the markup--users can write valid XML content without ever seeing a tag. It also enables government customers to automate the publishing process, allowing them to produce legislation and other regulations faster and easier. LegisPro is a customized application that is layered on top of the Corel XMetaL word processor-like interface, providing an application for authoring, editing, and amending legislation. XMetaL and LegisPro deliver the essential tools that legislation creators need, including an environment for collaborative writing; complex document linking; and version control, enabling draft bills to be managed down to the component level.

Corel has also released an update to Corel Smart Graphics Studio, a development platform designed to speed and simplify the creation of SVG-based smart graphics. Corel Smart Graphics Studio 1.1 provides several enhancements to both the development and serving of SVG applications connected to databases and Web services including: more control over assets and objects within Corel Developer SG; debugging capabilities to simplify the development process; support for Oracle stored procedures; and more advanced caching capabilities on the server. Smart graphics are a new form of enterprise-class, graphically-rich applications built using open standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to transform XML and legacy data into intranet and extranet applications.

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