Corel and SiberLogic Offer Collaborative XML-based Development Solution

Aug 15, 2003

Corel Corporation and SiberLogic Inc. have announced that Franklin University and the Logistics Support Engineering Division (LSED) of the U.S. Army's Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center have adopted the companies' new collaborative Web-based XML content development solution. The solutions features Corel XMetaL for ActiveX for content authoring and SiberLogic's SiberSafe XML content management system and requires little installation or maintenance time by end users or administration staff.

Franklin University deployed the Corel/SiberLogic solution in an effort to develop courseware for student curriculum delivered to print, Web, and CD. The tools give faculty members frequent and direct access to the content of the documents, helping them to collaborate on course content creation. Using the system, Franklin University can reuse course content across different curriculums and maintain content variants for different audiences.

The LSED of the U.S. Army's Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center has selected the Corel/SiberLogic solution to develop XML content for Ammunition Malfunction Investigation Files, Technical Manuals and Supportability Strategy Documents. SiberLogic's workflow automation engine combined with Corel XMetaL for ActiveX is intended to enable military subject matter experts and technical writers around the world to contribute and review XML content through their Web browser.

This new Web-based XML content authoring solution integrates Corel XmetaL for ActiveX with SiberLogic SiberSafe, creating a collaborative environment for authoring and managing XML content. Corel XMetaL for ActiveX is an authoring interface that can be downloaded and embedded into a Web browser, enabling end users to create XML

content. SiberSafe is an XML content management tool designed specifically for technical publications. SiberSafe is designed to enable XML content to be reused re-purposed, tailored for different audiences, and published to multiple formats including print and Web.

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