Corel and LightSpeed Software Deliver Integrated CM Solution

May 16, 2003


Corel Corporation and LightSpeed Software have announced a strategic partnership to deliver a content management solution for authoring, managing, and publishing technical documentation. The companies have built an integration between Corel XMetaL, Corel's XML editing tool, and LightSpeed Astoria, LightSpeed Software's content management system. This offering is available now and has been adopted by customers including Texas Instruments and Open Learning Agency. The Corel/LightSpeed Software solution offers content experts a way to create reusable XML content at an element level by breaking documents into small elements that can be shared, updated, located, and delivered to multiple channels. By enabling anyone within an organization to create XML content, the process of converting content from proprietary document formats into XML is eliminated. LightSpeed Astoria manages XML content and makes it available to be shared and reused throughout the organization for delivery to multiple channels whether it is to be published online, in print, or to wireless devices. The solution supports the recently released Corel XMetaL 4, giving authors the power to create XML content within any ActiveX-compliant application, including email and Web browsers.

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