Corel Smart Graphics Studio Now Available

May 06, 2003

Corel Corporation has announced the availability of Corel Smart Graphics Studio, a development platform designed to speed and simplify the creation of SVG-based smart graphics. Smart graphics are a new form of enterprise-class, graphically-rich applications built using open standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to transform XML and legacy data into intranet and extranet applications. SVG-based applications are intended for enterprise and government customers for a variety of purposes including interactive electronic technical publishing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), schematic diagramming, and building Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). Based on XML, SVG, and XSLT, applications built with Corel Smart Graphics Studio are not dependent on proprietary technology and are interoperable with existing tools and infrastructure. Corel Smart Graphics Studio enables application developers to produce extensible solutions by maintaining a separation between the graphical, functional, and data components of an application. Corel Smart Graphics Studio is composed of four integrated applications: Corel Developer SG includes three components--Design Window enables application developers to design client interfaces from a visual development environment; Template Builder lets application developers prepare SVG documents with dynamic objects for data mappings; and Data Mapper allows application developers to define the connections between the inputs of an SVG template and the data. Corel Process Builder--lets application developers build processes for binding multiple data sources including XML, ODBC, Web Services, and legacy data. Corel Server SG--a high performance platform for the management and transformation of application data and images; available in both developer and enterprise editions. Corel SVG Viewer--a Web browser plug-in that lets application developers view and interact with the SVG graphics as they develop the application interface.

Corel Smart Graphics Studio will be widely available through Corel's reseller partners starting June 2003. Suggested retail pricing for Corel Smart Graphics Studio is $1,199 for a box or $1,049 for download. Corel Smart Graphics Studio includes Corel Developer SG, Corel Process Builder, Corel Server SG (Developer Edition), and the Corel SVG Viewer. Suggested retail pricing for Corel Server SG starts at $3,999. Specific server modules to support Web services, imaging, and run-time conversion will be available for additional costs ranging from $999 to $5,999. Server pricing is per CPU. Customers who purchase Corel Smart Graphics Studio by July 31st, 2003 are automatically provided with free maintenance (upgrade protection) for all versions up to and including 2.0. For more information about Corel Smart Graphics Studio or to download a free trial version, please visit The trial version includes a 'Get Started' guide and tutorials to introduce system integrators and IT professionals to simplified SVG smart graphics application development.