Corel Corporation Introduces Corel XMetaL-Central

Nov 01, 2002

Corel Corporation has announced the upcoming availability of Corel XMetaL-Central, a new server-based application that works with Corel XMetaL to manage and maintain customized XML applications. By simplifying this process for enterprise and government IT professionals, Corel XMetaL-Central further enables the widespread adoption of XML for content creation. Corel XMetaL-Central is designed for organizations with tens to thousands of XML document creators and editors. When used in conjunction with Corel XMetaL, Corel XMetaL-Central deploys personalized customizations or "packages" to these end users based on their identity, the content they are working with, and factors in their environment. Corel XMetaL-Central features and functionality includes: browser-based interface to manage XMetaL-Central server objects; IT-defined rules for matching packages with documents and users; integration with third-party workflow through adaptor objects; versioning of packages for controlled deployments; use of the enterprise network login mechanism to access services; off-line Corel XMetaL authoring mode; and server support for Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional, and SolarisT 9. Corel XMetaL-Central will be available in November 2002.