Coredge Software Launches Standalone Version of Mail Integration Tool

Feb 21, 2003

Coredge Software Inc, a developer of software tools for information access and exchange, has announced the addition of a new product option in the COR:Mail family of email management software. COR:Mail software bridges tools for Lotus Notes Mail and Hummingbird document management (DM) products, including the Hummingbird DMT 5.0, as well as DOCS Open, CyberDOCS and PowerDOCS. In addition to the classic COR:Mail (currently v4.5), Coredge will offer COR:Mail SA with a standalone  interface that removes the need to slightly modify the Lotus Notes Mail template. This provides an option to administrators who are apprehensive about modifying their email templates, particularly in organizations where not all Lotus Notes users use Hummingbird DM products. COR:Mail SA acts as a bridge between Lotus Notes and Hummingbird DM. The tool creates common file extensions between the products, allowing users to take advantage of the document management capabilities of Hummingbird while working within the Lotus Notes environment. COR:Mail products also allow users to attach multiple files to their mail messages instead of only one, save messages and attachments along with the email for greater document management and control, and enable reduction in the size of Lotus Notes mail files by converting attachments into "references" that act as pointers to attached documents, rather than including the documents themselves.