CoreMedia Survey Finds Corporate and Mobile Websites Fall Short of Consumer Expectations

Apr 14, 2011

WCM company CoreMedia announced the results of an international consumer survey on online user experience satisfaction. The study surveyed over 1,100 German and U.S. internet users and is designed to provide insight into consumer satisfaction with digital experiences in several areas, including website personalization and mobile website usage. The survey seeks to gauge whether companies are delivering engaging online experiences that take into account user context such as gender, location, time of day/year, weather, social media "likes," and updates.

When asked to identify their preferences for their online experiences, the majority of respondents (69 percent) responded that the ability to quickly find what they are searching for is the top priority. Almost a quarter of the respondents selected websites that could easily adapt to their current needs, and 14 percent of survey respondents identified being able to comment, recommend, or retweet content as being their main focus.

The survey also explored mobile web sentiment, and found that over a third (36%) felt most sites are often difficult to read on a mobile device, and 40 percent said they don't regularly access mobile sites because it is too complicated. 24% felt that most mobile sites are missing the functionality that one finds on websites when accessed via a PC.

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