CoreMedia Licenses CMLA for OMA DRM 2.0

Nov 04, 2005

CoreMedia, a provider of digital rights management (DRM), has announced it is going to incorporate the CMLA specifications in its OMA DRM 2.0 technology.

The Content Management License Administrator (CMLA) is a licensing and compliance entity formed by Nokia, Samsung, Matsushita, and Intel. The objective of the CMLA is to enable broad-based, trusted distribution of content within the digital ecosystem. The CMLA trust model defines an OMA DRM 2.0 compliant implementation for secure electronic content distribution.

CoreMedia offers its DRM technology with the CMLA trust standards and establishes an interoperable "end-to-end trust model" for content distribution on cell phones, PDAs, and PCs. This model provides additional elements to OMA DRM 2.0 specifications, supporting content providers in securing their media assets.