CoreMedia Introduces Web Content Management Platform, CoreMedia7

Feb 13, 2013

CoreMedia, a Web Content Management (WCM) company, announced CoreMedia 7, the latest release of its WCM platform. CoreMedia 7 is designed to help enterprises keep pace and thrive in the rapidly-changing business landscape that is driven by mobility, social engagement, on-demand technology, and content-driven customer interactions.

CoreMedia enhanced CoreMedia 7 with more comprehensive mobile publishing options. Companies can create unified experiences across all mobile channels and delivery models - web apps, native apps, responsive web pages, and legacy devices. CoreMedia 7 can adapt to any visitor on any channel, providing contextual and social content support on any mobile device. CoreMedia 7 arms companies to manage content generated from two separate sources, internal and external. The platform deeply integrates CoreMedia's Elastic Social software, which leverages NoSQL architecture to help enterprises easily scale to support growing social conversations. CoreMedia 7 also includes social tools for interacting with community members, publishing social content, and moderating activity. New features also make it easier for all users to create targeted, contextualized experiences for current and potential customers.

With this release, CoreMedia enhanced CoreMedia Studio, its editorial hub for business users, to incorporate a customizable user dashboard and over 70 performance and usability enhancements. Using a single, information-based editorial interface, business users can design customer experiences. They can launch new online web properties, campaigns, and microsites quickly without IT support.