CoreMedia Announces CoreMedia DRM 2005

Nov 29, 2005

CoreMedia, a provider of digital rights management (DRM), has announced the launch of its new CoreMedia DRM 2005 platform and OEM components. CoreMedia DRM 2005 features functions needed to aggregate, manage, and deliver digital rights of media content. The software is based on the de facto industry standards OMA DRM 1.0, OMA DRM 2.0, and Window Media DRM. It works with over 400 handsets.

The CoreMedia Multi-DRM Packaging Server encrypts content into the three most common DRM standards to ensure it can only be played on authorized devices. It converts plain content in formats like AAC, AAC +, MP3, or any other format into the DRM formats OMA DRM 1.0, OMA DRM 2.0 or Windows Media DRM. The ROAP Server delivers digital rights according to the OMA DRM 2.0 standard. The ROAP Server helps operators and content providers to control digital rights in defined "domains". Thereby, protected content and associated rights are transferred between different devices like PCs, PDAs, or iTV. It provides a level of security by using RSA 1024 bit keys for encryption of licenses into rights objects.

CoreMedia DRM 2005 Client enables device-spanning distribution of files to both mobile and PC. Consumers can transfer and play media files on every platform for which they acquire the rights. CoreMedia DRM 2005 Client is a plug-in for media players (such as the Windows Media Player) or PDF readers. Its P2P-mechanisms support domain management for multi-device use of media files enabling mobile marketing measures like Superdistribution, rewarding, gifting, and subscriptions.