Coravue Adds Personalized RSS to Online CRM System

Apr 02, 2004

Coravue, Inc. has added a personalized RSS content distribution feature to Coravue CMS, the Web content management portion of its integrated suite of hosted CRM applications. The personalized RSS feature in Coravue CMS is intended to allow marketers to deliver headline links and content summaries that match the interest profile managed by each subscriber. Web marketers can use either the standard point-and-click personalization technique, or a marketer can develop a custom approach to personalizing an RSS feed.

Coravue's personalized RSS feature connects RSS usage data to all other data about a subscriber or customer collected by Coravue's CRM system. The personalized RSS function tracks usage each time a registered user clicks an RSS headline link to view a Web page. The system reports the total clickthroughs for each RSS headline link, as well as which users clicked each link. Since this data is similar to the clickthrough tracking provided with Coravue's personalized email newsletter application, RSS tracking reports are similar to clickthrough tracking reports. The RSS tracking data can be correlated with a user's interest profile data, other Web pages viewed, and email newsletter clickthroughs, as well as purchase data collected through Coravue Commerce. Marketers can also use the RSS feed without requiring personally identifiable information. Anonymous personalization allows prospective customers to receive personalized news, product information, and other content from a company without providing their email address or other information.

In order to use the RSS feed feature, a Web site editor identifies which sections of Web content should be available via RSS. Then, as new Web pages are added to those sections of the site, the RSS feed automatically delivers those headline links and summaries that match each user's interests. The personalized RSS feed feature is now available at no extra charge for companies using the Coravue CMS content management system. The monthly usage charge for Coravue CMS is $40 per month.