Copyright Clearance Center Says It Streamlines Content Generation and Task Tracking for Publishers

Apr 05, 2018

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a provider of content management, copyright licensing, discovery and delivery solutions, announced the launch of task workflow tool, Content Kanban. Used in tandem with the Ixxus Publishing Platform (IPP), or as a standalone tool, Content Kanban provides content task tracking and management capabilities that streamline development, foster collaboration, and keep projects on schedule.

Publishers and organizations with content-centric workflows require a big-picture view of all content and tasks – from first drafts to finished products. Using the flexible methodology of Kanban, CCC applies the time-tested task-management framework to the lifecycle of content, from the simplest project to the most complex. As a result, teams are more organized and engaged, projects are completed on time and on budget and project updates are communicated faster and more accurately to stakeholders.

Content Kanban features:

  • An intuitive UI with simple screens and in-product support: Users can quickly see the big picture and determine what needs to be done to keep projects on track and on schedule.
  • Flexible, rules-based workflow support: Empowers users to change rules, activities and workflows at any time during the project lifecycle to meet specific project needs.
  • Real-time updates and changes: All changes, edits and updates are reflected immediately and viewable by all users, in the Content Kanban dashboard and within IPP collections.
  • Search and filter options: Userscan easily discover specific cards based on defined criteria including title, description, assignee, due date and priority, for painless reporting.
  • An integration with the Ixxus Publishing Platform (IPP): Users can easily generate a Kanban board from a collection or view an existing board within IPP.

Content Kanban is available now to new and existing Ixxus users, whether as part of IPP or as a professional services engagement with Ixxus.