Copyright Clearance Center Releases Report: Copyright in the Digital Workspace

Dec 21, 2004

Copyright Clearance Center, a provider of copyright licensing and compliance solutions, has released a new report titled Copyright in the Digital Workspace. The report is intended to help businesses understand the ways employees are using copyrighted information and their practices with respect to copyright law. It also offers specific recommendations for reducing the risk of copyright infringement.

Copyright Clearance Center is a provider of copyright licensing and compliance solutions for the information content industry. An intermediary between copyright holders and content users, the company aims to facilitate the exchange of reuse rights and royalties through a range of licensing services. The company's compliance solutions are intended to enable corporations, subsidiaries, government agencies, law firms, document suppliers, libraries, academic institutions, copy shops, and bookstores to respect the rights of copyright holders and lawfully reuse the copyright-protected information they need to drive their business.