Copyright Clearance Center Launches Open Access Solutions

Oct 11, 2012

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a not-for-profit organization and provider of licensing solutions, announced the launch of Open Access Solutions. CCC helps publishers manage variable Open Access (OA) models through its RightsLink platform, which supports unique pricing rules, licenses and messaging for OA journals, encouraging compliance with funding agency requirements.

CCC's Open Access Solutions also include secure tools for managing author publication charges, as well as color charges, page charges, and reprint orders. Both authors and publishers have 24/7 access to these tools.

CCC makes it easier for publishers to charge different OA fees pre-publication based on variables such as author affiliation/membership, funding source and journal type; communicates publisher-specified reuse rights post-publication to users seeking permissions for all content including Open Access articles; captures valuable data about user interest in and reuse of publishers' Open Access publications; and provides the ability for publishers to add RightsLink to its content wherever it resides online, even in third-party repositories such as HighWire or PubMed Central.