Copyright Clearance Center Becomes Reseller of FontoXML Editor Solution

Dec 20, 2018

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC) has partnered with FontoXML, becoming a reseller of its core product, the FontoXML Editor, which makes it easier for anyone to create structured and intelligent content. Structured content is information or content that is organized in a predictable way and is usually classified with metadata. XML is a common storage format, but structured content can also be stored in other standard or proprietary formats.

Intelligent content is an approach to the management of content as a business asset that includes content that is modular, structured, reusable, format-free and semantically rich. This, in turn, makes the content discoverable, reconfigurable, and adaptable for its creators.

Working with systems that manage intelligent content, the FontoXML Editor says it is often the “friendly face” to the content. This allows authors to access, create, and edit, while performing real-time validation to ensure the content’s quality, seamlessly handling annotations, links, and rich media.

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