Copyright Clearance Center Adds Blogs to its Licensing Programs

Nov 27, 2007

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a provider of text-licensing solutions for corporations and academic institutions, announced that it has expanded its licensing services to include rights to more than a thousand popular and respected blogs. CCC is making rights to blog content available through an agreement with Newstex, a news and information aggregator. Newstex delivers real-time news and commentary from thousands of newswires, newspapers, magazines, financial and business sources, official government feeds and blogs.

The addition of blogs, including hundreds that focus on business, technology, finance, healthcare, the law and other topics, adds a new level of value to CCC's Annual Copyright License for those thousands of companies that rely on it to use and share content within their enterprises. For others uses, including academic uses, rights can be secured via CCC's pay-per-use services on an as-need basis. For bloggers, the new licensing capability increases the potential of realizing royalty income for the use of their work.