Copernic Launches Enterprise Search

Oct 07, 2003


Copernic, an information technology provider, has announced the immediate availability of its new enterprise search solution, Copernic Enterprise Search. Copernic Enterprise Search is designed specifically to meet the needs of the Small-to-Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) as well as departments of larger enterprises. Copernic Enterprise Search can scale to search up to two million documents, meeting the requirements of the SMB. Copernic is offering a free, fully-functioning download of its Enterprise Search software, allowing businesses of any size to search up to 5,000 documents.

Copernic Enterprise Search was created to address the deployment, complexity, and cost issues that accompany larger, enterprise-wide search solutions. Its user interface is designed to eliminate training, maintenance, or other fees that typically accompany an enterprise search deployment. Users are able to navigate through enterprise data to find the document or piece of information they need. Pricing is free for searches of up to 5,000 documents. The software is available for searches of up to 10,000 documents for $3,999, and is priced incrementally for searches up to two million documents.