Copernic Appoints New CEO and EVP

Jul 09, 2004

Copernic has named former Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) Inc. founder and CEO David M. Burns as Copernic's new CEO, and former FAST vice president of strategic accounts Raymond A. Romagnolo as EVP of strategic development. According to the company, Burns and Romagnolo were driving forces in the building of FAST's Web search business, closing deals with major portals in the US and Europe, and laying the foundation for the eventual sale of FAST's Internet Business Unit to Overture for $70M.

With guidance from Copernic founders Martin and Eric Bouchard, Copernic's new executive team will seek to repeat their FAST success at Copernic. With the objectives of leveraging new products while carving out fresh high growth markets for Copernic's search technologies, the new team will work to develop low cost mass distribution channels that will quickly achieve maximum market penetration. Copernic has opened its new US headquarters in the Boston, Massachusetts area, where Burns and Romagnolo reside.