Conviveon Releases Packaged Content Management Application

Jul 13, 2004


Conviveon Corp. has announced Version 6.0 of SiteConnect Server. Conviveon's content management application is designed to quickly deploy, manage, and integrate multiple Web initiatives throughout the enterprise. The new version of Conviveon SiteConnect Server is available now.

The new version of SiteConnect Server incorporates built-in shopping cart functionality with customizable fulfillment workflow capabilities. SiteConnect's new shopping cart functionality is integrated with its content management, collaboration, and emarketing functionality in an effort to provide new opportunities to leverage existing organizational content. SiteConnect Server 6.0 now allows the creation of enhanced RFQ functionality and more traditional ecommerce solutions.

Version 6.0 also includes a new XML-based interface for providing dynamic content on existing Web sites using virtually any existing technology, including Microsoft .Net, PHP, Cold Fusion, and Active Server Pages. New content searching features include the ability to rank results by relevancy and index documents attached to a content record. Additional enhancements to SiteConnect Server include upgraded multi-lingual content management and development capabilities, expanded options for content organization, and seamless processes for installation and configuration.