Convera Launches RetrievalWare 8

May 16, 2003


Convera has announced the commercial availability of RetrievalWare 8, a new knowledge discovery platform that helps large organizations automate their knowledge management and discovery processes using an infrastructure that can be optimized for specific industry and government agency applications.  RetrievalWare 8 integrates Convera's scalable enterprise search with industry-specific taxonomies and new categorization and dynamic classification software, delivering techniques for searching, navigating and discovering knowledge, including hidden relationships, patterns and trends. Using Convera's dynamic classification software, end users can launch a search and automatically classify the results based on pre-defined or dynamically generated classifications made possible through the combination of multiple taxonomies. These taxonomies can consist of Convera's pre-packaged industry taxonomies, customer-defined taxonomies or custom taxonomies supplied by Convera's Taxonomy Development Partners. By combining these classifications "on-the-fly," end users are able to isolate and discover information that existing search and categorization software cannot uncover. Features of RetrievalWare 8 include: categorization and dynamic classification; industry-specific taxonomy and semantic network cartridges; J2EE, Web services and .NET support; new administration and search interfaces; enhanced security; and developer tools including cartridge and classification workbench.