Convera Launches Publisher Control Panel Beta

Mar 06, 2007

Convera Corporation, a provider of search technologies for publishers, has launched the beta phase of Convera Publisher Control Panel. The new service is designed to enable print and online publishers to add, manage, and refine vertical search capabilities so they can develop search-based revenues for their websites. Convera Publisher Control Panel is available for customers of Convera's hosted vertical search service that provides a customized search engine for content publishers serving professional markets.

With the Convera Publisher Control Panel, publishers can directly manage the search experience for their professional communities and leverage vertical search as a hub to develop online communities and build advertising relationships. The solution's features include: whitelist management, with Convera Publisher Control Panel, publishers can apply their industry and editorial knowledge to define a list of relevant sites to improve the relevancy of search results. Convera also provides publishers with appropriate whitelists based on industry specific taxonomies; indexing proprietary content, so that publishers can manage the indexing of their own content and provide refined search access to it; relevancy tools, where publishers can rank websites to refine the relevancy of search results and determine the depth and frequency at which specific websites can be crawled; and measurement reports, through crawl and traffic reports, publishers can continually monitor the relevance of specific web content and refine search capabilities based on actual search usage.

Through the service, Convera develops vertical search solutions that cover an unlimited number of professions and industries. The hosted service provides publishers with control of advertising relationships and editorial oversight.