Contextual Advertising Platform Mediabong Books $5 Million in Funding for U.S. Expansion

May 14, 2015

Mediabong, a European network for contextual video advertising solutions, announced it has accepted $5 million in Series B funding in order to expand to the United States. Entrepreneur Venture and Conegliano Venture, two European funds who both have active businesses in the U.S., led the investment round.

The investment will enhance Mediabong's growth into the U.S. market and accelerate the launch of its new-patented technology, the SyncRoll. Based on its R&D lab "the MB-Lab" Mediabong has developed algorithms based on user psychology, semantic profiling, and performance. 

The company's patented SyncRoll, an out-stream solution for publishers, competes with the video advertising offerings of Facebook and Google. With SyncRoll, advertisers can place a video ad in-line-in the middle of a story-when the user scrolls further down the frame, jumps to the end and picks up where it left off, with no latency.  Mediabong's Floating Ad Unit takes this a step further by keeping the ad unit in the frame as the user scrolls down.