Context Media Integrates with Adobe Graphics Server 2.0; Supports Adobe XMP

May 06, 2003

Context Media, Inc. has announced the integration of its Interchange Suite enterprise content integration software with Adobe Graphics Server 2.0. Adobe Graphics Server, which automates the creation and repurposing of graphics for print and the Web, is integrated directly with Interchange Suite's Web services-based Integration Console. The integration of the two solutions is intended to help customers reduce the time and costs of finding, creating, storing, and accessing enterprise content and digital images while improving time-to-market of new products and services. Context Media has also announced its support for the open standards-based Adobe XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform). Based on W3C standards, Adobe's XML-based XMP framework provides an open standard for the creation, processing, and exchange of metadata across publishing workflows. Context Media actively supports the open XML standards development work of the W3C as a means to achieve integration and interoperability within the real-time enterprise, including the delivery of Web services. In addition to Adobe's XMP framework, Context Media's XML-based products are fully compliant with the SOAP 1.2 protocol specification from the W3C, which is supported by software vendors, including Microsoft, IBM, Sun and Oracle.