Contentstack Unveils Framework to Power New Generation of Digital Experiences

Aug 09, 2018


Contentstack, an integrations framework to create digital experiences, announced the release of Experience Extensions marks a turning point for Content Management System (CMS) customers.

Examples of use cases powered by Contentstack range from dynamic websites serving hyper-personalized content based on which campaign a user responded to, to mobile apps that provide location-specific offers based on real-time user behavior, to an AR hospitality solution that delivers an immersive preview of real estate to prospective visitors anywhere in the world. At the core of all these experiences sits Contentstack as the digital content hub, turning data into experiences and delivering them across any channel.

Experience Extensions comprises a set of tools for developers who can design and create new experiences by writing custom code, or they can adapt pre-built templates to suit their specific requirements. Integrating with third-party technology to enrich the experience is easy to build and easy to support. In addition, Contentstack's unique integrations framework provides customers the ability to add or switch components at will, without triggering a solution re-architecture.

Contentstack also unveils the first wave of technology partners spanning some of the most popular categories complementary to content management, including:

  • E-commerce: Shopify and Snipcart
  • Video: Brightcove and Ooyala
  • Digital Asset Management: Egnyte
  • Personalization: Monetate
  • Static Site Generator: Gatsby
  • Content Delivery Network: Fastly

These partnerships simplify the procurement process for mutual customers and provide turnkey integrations that, unlike most plugins for open source solutions, are of enterprise-grade quality and vendor supported.

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The partnership builds upon a long-standing relationship with Marketo, adding email creation and analytics integrations to the offering.