Contentstack Introduces CMS Modular Blocks, A Dynamic New Way to Create Pages Quickly and Easily

Apr 03, 2018


Contentstack announced the availability of Modular Blocks, the latest feature of the headless content management system (CMS). The addition of Modular Blocks enables content managers to create and modify components of a page or app, without needing help from a developer, saving time and resources editing and delivering content.

With Modular Blocks for Contentstack, developers can create multiple sets (or groups) of fields within a block in a content type. Content managers, while subsequently creating an entry, can easily create powerful content by choosing any block (set of predefined fields) of their choice (such as banner, quotes, features), adding more blocks, rearranging them, or removing them to make changes to the web page or app. Gone are the days where a developer had to be brought in for every minor change required in the page structure. Key highlights include: 

  • Author Friendly Templating: After the developer creates a content type with the required modular blocks, users can create dynamic content anytime by choosing from a set of templates, and mix and match them to make rich pages.
  • Flexible: Empowers the content manager to alter existing structure and add content components on-the-go.
  • Faster Results: Sort, add, remove, and move the components of Modular Blocks, without a developer for quick results. 

Contentstack also announced two new customers will be using its CMS to deliver content: BestBuy and Roblox will take advantage of Contentstack's CMS and new Modular Blocks feature to give content editors the freedom and flexibility to edit pages and deliver content quickly.