Contentstack Announces Enhancements to Content-as-a-Service Platform

May 24, 2018

Contentstack announced major new enhancements to its Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform, paving the way for easier and more sophisticated content management by business users.

The new key features for content editors are:

  • Workflow: Efficient Content Lifecycle Management 
    With Workflow, business content managers can streamline the process of content creation, review and deployment. Workflow significantly lowers the number of tools, review cycles and approvals required to publish content.
  • Publishing Rules: Define and Enforce Approval Processes
    Essential to any enterprise is the ability to ensure only high-quality, approved content is disseminated via its official channels. With Publishing Rules, content can only be published if the approver(s) sign(s) off the publishing request.
  • Releases: Easier Deployment of Voluminous, Time-Sensitive Content
    Releases eases the process of managing content associated with major business events, such as promotional campaigns or product announcements. Users can combine content elements into a single release, publish content in bulk and accommodate last-minute content or schedule changes with ease.

Additional enhancements include Reference Editing, which streamlines the editing experience for dynamic content–such as a product catalog–and new multi-language features that deliver a powerful, developer-friendly version comparison tool into the palms of business users tracking site changes across different localizations.