Contentsquare and Monetate Bridge Customer Experience Gap Between Brands and People

Jun 18, 2019

Contentsquare, a digital experience insights optimization platform announced its partnership with Monetate, a personalization provider. This strategic partnership enables global brands to deliver better personalization, experience stronger ROI and improve the lifetime value of customers. As for the 73% of consumers who feel brands fall short of expectations when delivering a personalized experience, this collaboration closes this gap.

With the majority of North America and UK consumers (63%) expecting personalized experiences, the main challenge for brands is often a technical one. Our research shows data architecture emerged as a top challenge, preventing businesses from meeting or exceeding revenue goals. By combining Contentsquare’s ability to understand digital behavior and identify challenges and opportunities within a consumer’s online experience with Monetate’s programmatic personalization engine – the only solution bringing actionable insights into one platform – brands can save time and resources, recognize new revenue, and build a lasting relationship with consumers.

Global footwear retailer Clarks and popular mattress retailer Dreams currently benefit from the Contentsquare-Monetate collaboration. For giant brands like Clarks, the technology implementation is a seamless, behind-the-scenes integration that advances how their ecommerce businesses operate to improve the online customer experience.

Key benefits for brands:

  •        Personalize at scale: Understand why customers are behaving the way they do to individualize the experience in real-time.
  •        Prioritize your personalization strategy: Identify your biggest UX opportunities within minutes, uncover new areas for personalization and leverage data to focus campaigns.
  •        Create more uplift: Gain insights into which campaigns perform well and which do not, and activate new experiences based on customer intelligence.

Monetate and Contentsquare have been strategic partners since 2018. In less than a year, dozens of retail, travel and hospitality brands across key markets in the Americas, Europe and APAC are improving their CX and bottom line through this collaboration.

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