Contently Launches Document Analytics to Bring Data to Downloadable Content

Jul 26, 2016

Contently announced the launch of Document Analytics, a content measurement tool that allows marketers to track engagement across sales enablement and marketing collateral. Document Analytics expands Contently's existing web analytics and content recommendation tools to downloadable assets like case studies, sales presentations, and ebooks. This highly valuable data has until now been difficult, if not impossible, to track and optimize.

Document Analytics' key features will allow brands to optimize every level of their sales and marketing funnel, including:

Closely tracking downloadable content:

  • Page-by-page engagement analytics
  • Heat maps that show where readers click, hover, share, and skim
  • Flexible analytics dashboard with built-in optimization recommendations
  • Analytics on social shares that show how content is resonating across different networks

Generating, capturing, and converting more leads:

  • Dynamic web-based PDFs
  • Integrations with marketing automation, CRM, and email marketing platforms
  • A/B testing even after an asset has been downloaded
  • Easily embeddable lead capture forms that can be placed anywhere in the document-thus optimizing for high-quality lead capture

Efficiently managing documents at scale:

  • One centralized location for tracking, managing, and optimizing content production and performance
  • Version control to optimize, correct, or tailor content after publishing
  • Pre-populated text for social sharing