Contently Introduces Analytics Platform

Jun 30, 2015

Contently has announced its Contently Analytics platform, a new dashboard that provides one centralized intelligence center where you users can track, optimize, and report on their entire content marketing operations.

Contently Analytics provides visualizations of three specific kinds of data: production, performance, and distribution. Content creation, workflow, and productivity reporting for activity within the Contently platform, including volume of stories completed, payment data, and more. Critical information on how your content performed on your website, including attention time, engagement, social actions, average finish, and other key metrics--available on both an overall and story-by-story basis. For publications that manage their paid distribution budget through Contently, the Analytics dashboard integrates data from Outbrain and other distribution partners to provide unique insights like "attention time per dollar spent" that help you optimize your spend as efficiently as possible.

Your dashboard can be configured to highlight whatever data interests you most, with drag-and-drop cards and pulldown menus for further exploration. A few of Contently's clients, like Cox Communications, have already been using Contently Analytics on a trial basis.

In the future, Contently will also be adding in content marketing benchmark data, which will allow users to compare your content performance against that of your peers.