Contentful Launches New Optimizely Application that Enhances the Content Delivery Process to Drive Great Digital Experiences

Sep 17, 2019

Contentful, an enterprise headless CMS provider, announced the release of a new Optimizely application, which allows developers to build content experimentation into Contentful, enabling faster experimentation and more efficient content delivery.

The new application allows marketers to test critical marketing content without leaving Contentful. This enables more and faster content experimentation, resulting in increased customer conversions and improved customer experiences.

The Optimizely app removes hurdles for users by integrating the two products so practitioners can focus on the creation and testing of great content instead of configuration. Experimentation with variables like branding, messaging and user experience is critical to boosting customer conversions, driving more revenue. The new application also minimizes context switching and mistakes by reducing manual copying. It adds content variations to reference fields, assigns content variations to experiments and monitors experimentation status. 

The Optimizely application also makes it easier for users to supercharge their experiments with structured content by connecting it with Contentful. Users can ask the Optimizely platform to select a variation based on targeting criteria, which allows them to pick matching content from Contentful. 

Contentful and Optimizely have a history of collaborating on technical projects to improve content management. Last September, Contentful joined forces with Optimizely to help form The Digital Experiences Stack (DXS), a group dedicated to creating a cohesive way for companies to use best-in-category technologies to deliver digital products. The companies also collaborated to build a modernized marketing software stack earlier this year to fuel deeper experimentation and personalization processes.  

The new Optimizely application for Contentful is available as a public beta for enterprise customers starting today, via the Contentful web app. 

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