ContentGuard and Objectlab Collaborate to Support OpenIPMP for DRM

Jun 06, 2003

ContentGuard and Objectlab have collaborated to enhance the open source project, OpenIPMP, with support for the forthcoming rights expression language, MPEG-REL. By making available source code for MPEG-REL interpretation and generation tools within the OpenIPMP framework, both companies hope to promote and drive the adoption of interoperable standards for Digital Rights Management (DRM). The OpenIPMP project, sponsored by Objectlab, provides a reference platform to demonstrate standards-based DRM technology. The MPEG-REL, based on ContentGuard's XrML (eXtensible rights Markup Language), is expected for release as an ISO/IEC Standard later this year. Widespread adoption of MPEG-REL will allow distribution of digital works between the diverse range of parties involved in digital content creation, distribution, and consumption.

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