Content Syndicate Announces Availability of Content Services Platform

Jul 03, 2007

Content Syndicate has announced that its content services platform is now live. Content providers and content buyers from across the globe can buy, sell, personalize, and commission exclusive, customized and original content in up to 218 languages. After development and pilot testing with clientele, is live through its final test version or beta edition. In the pre-beta phase alone, multi-nationals to small and medium sized businesses across verticals can use Content Syndicate's platform for multi-lingual content work ranging from commissioning brochures, website content, corporate identity manuals, newsletters, whitepapers, case studies, technical writing, editorial services, blog updates, press releases, translation; copywriting; search engine optimization; case studies; proposals; resumes to publishers for features, news, reports, photographs, and interviews.

Furthermore, it is designed to handle the entire lifecycle of content--from commissioning to quality control to delivery and payment. All technical and operational issues such as workflow, hosting, digital rights management, licensing, payments, security, copyrights, marketing, pricing, administration are handled by Content Syndicate at no extra cost. Content Syndicate has also opened up its application programming interface (APIs) in other words, the core engine of the platform so partners can build specialized services around the CS ecosystem.