Content Strategists vs. the CMS at #Gilbane

Dec 03, 2013

The last time you picked a new CMS did you hear this sentence uttered: "I can use that, it's just like Word!" Well, if you picked your CMS based on that usability, somewhere there is a content strategist who is very mad at you. According to Acquia's Tom Wentworth, who spoke in the "How to Make Authors and Content Strategists Happy and Content Creation Efficient" at the Gilbane Conference, content strategists are often at odds with CMS vendors and their users.

Authors want formatting, styling, and layout at their fingertips through WYSIWYG editing. Content strategists want to separate content from presentation in order to "future proof" the content and make it easily reusable in any (existing or future) format.

Demian Hess, a system architect with Avalon Consulting, followed Wentworth, and provided a possible solution: HTML 5 workflows, which can bring together the kind of granular tagging and structure that content strategists are fond of, while also allowing the usability so many content creators have come to expect. You may still need templates, and structured authoring to completely "future proof" your content, but HTML 5 could be a step in the right direction.