Content Marketing is a Priority for 90% of Marketers, but Represents Less Than 10% Percent of Marketing Budgets

Jul 30, 2013

IMN, a digital marketing company that delivers branded newsletters and content for vertical markets, unveiled the results of its second annual multi-industry content marketing survey. The results of the survey revealed an increased awareness of content marketing over last year, with marketers more frequently putting formal content marketing programs in place.

According to results, 78% of respondents stated that they are somewhat familiar or very familiar with content marketing (up 13%), and 49% reported having a formal content marketing strategy in place. However, while content marketing is a priority for marketers, budgets allocated do not necessarily reflect the reality. According to the survey results, content marketing was a medium or high priority for 90% of those surveyed, but for 46% of respondents it represented less than 10% of the marketing budget.

Other findings indicate that monthly newsletters continue to serve as an effective content marketing tactic, with  67% of marketers distributing and sharing content via newsletters. There also continues to be confusion around curating content. For those who curate content from the web and other sources, 48% ran into issues during the process.