Content Marketing Revenues Surge 14% in 2016 to $28B; Revenues Pacing for 14% Growth Again in 2017

Aug 10, 2017

Global content marketing revenues grew at an accelerated 14.3% in 2016 to $28.1 billion, fueled by double-digit growth in branded mobile content, digital videos, branded games and social media content, according to new research published by PQ Media. Content marketing revenues are headed for 14% growth again in 2017, based on first-half pacing data, driven by proactive content development, more defined marketing strategies, heavier investment in custom magazines, and increased use of branded social media content, according to PQ Media’s Global Content Marketing Forecast 2017.

B2B content marketing is the larger of the two major end-user sectors, generating revenues of $14.7 billion worldwide in 2016, compared with $13.4 billion for the B2C sector. However, the B2C segment grew at a faster 15.1% rate than B2B’s 13.6% gain for the year.

Among the three broad platform categories, hybrid print and digital content marketing--including branded print and digital magazines, branded research reports and whitepapers, print and e-mail newsletters, and print and digital book content--was the largest category at $14.8 billion, accounting for more than half of total content marketing revenues in 2016. Digital-only content marketing--which includes branded webinars and online presentations, social media and visual content, sponsored guest posts and articles, and mobile content and apps--was the fastest-growing platform, rising 24.6% to $8.8 billion last year. Non-textual content marketing--such as sponsored events and event publications, branded digital videos, and games and content tools--was the smallest platform at $4.5 billion, but it grew at a rapid 21.6% rate on a surge in branded live video feeds.

Of the 13 channels, branded print & digital magazines was the largest, generating $8.4 billion and accounting for 30% of global revenues in 2016, followed by branded research reports & white papers at $2.9 billion (10% share), and webinars & online presentations ($2.7 billion). Branded mobile content was the fastest growing content marketing channel, vaulting 48%, followed by sponsored games & tools (up 34%), social media content (31%), and branded videos (30%), according to the Global Content Marketing Forecast 2017.