Content Management and Your Mobile Strategy at #Gilbane

Dec 04, 2013

One of the main themes that emerged at the 2013 Gilbane Conference was the need to create content that can easily feed multiple channels, but while many content creators know they need to create more agile content, they aren't quite sure how to do it with the tools they already have. So one session asked "How should your CMS Fit Into Your Mobile Strategy?"

Both speakers -- Ian Truscott, VP of Content Marketing at SDL, and Loni Stark, director of product solution and industry marketing at Adobe -- agree that your CMS should be managing your mobile content as well. As Truscott said, "Mobile is just context." It no longer pays to think about the web vs. the mobile web, because it's all morphing into one experience that the users expect to move seamlessly through based on their context at that moment.

The main question still facing most publishers is whether to create a native app or a hybrid experience that can be re-used over and over again based on the device your user is on. Truscott had a handy list of questions for your to ask of your company before deciding which approach works for you.

  • Task: What does the visitor want to do during this mobile web engagement

  • What's the frequency of the task?

  • Could the task be enhanced if it utilized the device capabilities?

  • How interactive is the customer experience?

  • What are your web analytics telling you?

  • What are the devices that really require support

  • What's the cross mobile app customer experience?(email to app, app to mobile web etc)

  • What is my content strategy?

No matter which mobile strategy you use, the lesson of this year's Gilbane Conference has been clear. To paraphrase Truscott, "We are no longer publishing web pages -- we are assembling dynamic omni-channel user experiences based on content components." Creating that content accordingly is up to you.