Content Circles Announces Sub-$100 Pricing

Mar 10, 2009


Content Circles, a provider of distributed content management and collaboration solutions, has announced pricing for its newly launched Content Circles. Content Circles is designed to enable distributed and mobile teams to collaboratively create, share, and manage documents within and among companies and organizations worldwide. The Pricing for Content Circles now starts at $99.95 per-user per-year. Additionally, all new Content Circles members receive a free 30-day trial of the system. Content Circles revenue model focuses on Workgroup Leaders. While anyone can join a workgroup (Circle), view and contribute content to that workgroup for free, the creation of new workgroups requires a paid license. Users see the value of the application by participating in a workgroup and collaborating with other members before paying for the application. This is the essence of the recurring subscription revenue model: Demonstrate your customer value every day.