Contegra Adds "Autosuggest Search Assistant" and "Find Related" Options to its Kaleido User Interface Built for the dtSearch Engine API

Jul 12, 2016

dtSearch is a provider of enterprise and developer text retrieval software and document filters. Contegra Systems is a major provider of custom search development services for the dtSearch Engine developer market. Together the companies announce a new version of Contegra's Kaleido user interface built around the dtSearch Engine SDK. The new features work alongside Kaleido's existing faceted search user interface built on top of the dtSearch Engine faceted searching developer API.

dtSearch's core product for developers, the dtSearch Engine offers the ability to instantly search terabytes of text, including 25+ full-text and metadata-driven search options. The dtSearch Engine works with online and offline data, including emails and attachments, a broad range of document types, website data and other databases. The dtSearch Engine comes in multiple versions spanning different operating systems.

Contegra says it developed its Kaleido interface after years of custom development work for dtSearch Engine customers, particularly those working with very large data sets covering millions of overlapping technical specifications. Kaleido assists organizations that without fully delving into the dtSearch Engine's C++, Java and .NET APIs want to embed dtSearch Engine functionality in text-rich data applications.

The new "autosuggest search assistant" option lets the end-user hone in on key concepts while entering a search request. For example, type pol in the 400,000 news articles in the Kaleido online demo at, and the suggestion box offers 14 topic suggestions, ranging from foreign policy to polar regions.