Consumer Video Study Released

Aug 10, 2007

Akamai Technologies, a service provider for online content and applications, has released a study, conducted by JupiterResearch, exploring two fundamental elements related to the future success of online video: consumer preferences around video consumption and consumer reaction to low-quality viewing experiences.

According to the study, the consequences for a web site where video content underperforms are a significant loss in goodwill, return visitors and potential advertising revenues. Content owners and publishers invest in broadband video as a means to increase advertising revenues, develop new revenue streams or create emotional connections with their brands. The study found online video that is interrupted for buffering purposes and playback that is slow to begin are the greatest sources of frustration. Sixty percent of frequent online video users (i.e., those who watch online videos at least once per week), are less likely to return to a site for video content if the viewing experience is poor, and close to half will seek their video content from a competing website.