Constratus Launches Constratus Consent Engine

Jun 02, 2015

Constratus, LLC introduced the Constratus Consent Engine, the first in a suite of software products Constratus is developing to help network service providers integrate into the digital ecosystem. The Constratus Consent Engine leverages the Apigee Edge intelligent API platform, including Apigee's backend-as-a-service (BaaS) technology, to allow subscribers to share information about their location and preferences, as well as to enable applications to send push notifications and monitor online behavior.

The Constratus Consent Engine represents subscribers' preferences for an application - whether a subscriber has "opted-in" to share his or her information with an application in a service provider's network. Subscriber-specific information collected and stored in the Consent Engine can be different for each application and each service provider asset.

The Constratus Consent Engine leverages the Apigee Edge API platform to allow for the rapid introduction of these capabilities into service provider networks. For example, service providers offering ad-based solutions can use the Constratus Consent Engine to allow subscribers to share their contextual and personal information and to deliver personalized experiences. Other examples of functionality enabled by the Constratus Consent Engine are whether the customer allows sharing the location with a specific application, whether an application should be allowed to send push messages to a customer, whether to allow tracking of online behavior, or whether subscribers want to enable specific applications access to other private subscriber preferences.