Connected TVs to Account for 21% of Global TV Shipments in 2010, According to DisplaySearch

Jan 04, 2011

According to the DisplaySearch Q4'10 Quarterly TV Design and Features Report, internet-connected televisions are forecast to grow to over 122 million in 2014. The report goes on to detail that the growth was fueled by the Japanese market during 2010, and notes that emerging markets such as Eastern Europe will continue driving growth between now and 2014.

The report also provided information concerning a potential split between the market for internet-connected TVs and "smart TVs," which also feature applications and other more advanced functionality. The report defined smart TVs as those which are capable of upgrades and customization by the user, the ability to receive content from the open internet, and which feature a search engine, among other criteria.

The DisplaySearch Quarterly TV Design and Features Report is a quarterly update of the state of feature development in TV sets.