Congoo Announces Free Premium Content

Mar 31, 2006


Congoo, a premium information network, makes premium, restricted and/or subscription-only Web content available to anyone, free of charge. Through arrangements with media and publishing companies, Congoo provides limited access to this material at no cost.

The following sources of information featured, include: Business/Financial, such as, Institutional Investor, Morningstar,, Business Wire, and PRNewswire; Trade Journals, such as Adweek,,, Editor & Publisher, The Hollywood Reporter,; Political, such as The New Republic; Health, such as Harvard Health Newsletter; Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer; Reference/Archives, such as Encyclopaedia Britannica Online, Cities of the World, Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, Notable Sports Figures, Encyclopedia of Small Business and others; and Newspapers, such as current and archived articles from The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Dallas/Ft. Worth Start Telegram, Denver Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Hartford Currant, Kansas City Star, Miami Herald, New York Newsday, Orlando Sentinel, Seattle Times, San Jose Mercury News, The Virginian-Pilot, and additional newspapers.

To access these and additional sources of content, Congoo has introduced the Congoo NetPass, a free downloadable browser toolbar available in beta version. Once installed on the user's Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, NetPass is a gateway to exclusive Web information. New premium content sources will be added weekly as more publishers integrate Congoo's content platform. To download the free Congoo NetPass-Beta version, or for additional information about Congoo, visit the Web site.