Confident Technologies Launches New Advertising Platform

Mar 16, 2015

Confident Technologies, providers of solutions for securely accessing digital information, announced the launch of RevTapTM, a new human-verified ad unit that aims to increase engagement while providing a seamless user experience to advertisers and publishers. Publishers can monetize their website using RevTap's advertising platform while providing a good experience for their audience. For advertisers, RevTap and its SecureTap technology provides a human-verified audience and increases engagement by placing advertisements directly where an audience interacts.

The RevTap platform was built on the Confident Technologies' product infrastructure ensuring stringent security, while taking aim at other issues currently hitting the advertising industry. RevTap is inserted into any website or mobile application wherever human verification is valuable. The company says there are approximately 10 billion human verifications that occur worldwide per month and over 6 billion logins per day. RevTap results in a secure, frictionless, monetizable user experience by verifying human interaction and mitigating user credential harvesting.