Conference Archives, Inc. Launches Ekatius

Sep 21, 2007


Conference Archives, Inc. released the Ekatius platform, which enables the development and delivery of association conference-based content to institutions. Ekatius includes proprietary software and systems-integration solutions intended to automate the input, creation, manipulation, processing, and output of rich-media data elements such as audio, images, slides, text, and video. For institutions, the Ekatius platform presents a new educational resource that aggregates media-rich, hard-to-find, event-based knowledge elements such as abstracts, posters, and oral presentations. Previously, access to the event-based knowledge was largely limited to association members and attendees; however, it is now available to institutions, and is made available within 60 days of the conclusion of an event. Additionally, the Ekatius platform has advanced search functionalities allowing users to search either within a specific event or across several events.