Conduit Introduces Wibiya Bar For Websites

Apr 18, 2013

Conduit a provider of engagement solutions for web and mobile publishers, debuted the reinvented Wibiya bar, enabling publishers to provide instantly triggered, relevant content, and social recommendations for all website visitors.

The reimagined Wibiya is an engagement optimization engine. Wibiya distinguishes website visitors by over a dozen attributes. Visitors browsing in Spanish will be invited to translate the site. Visitors who are actively reading an article can be presented with additional content recommendations. Publishers can customize their own targeting with Wibiya's new dashboard.

Publishers create, manage, and refine their targeting through a list of instructions called "rules." T create a new rule the publisher defines a specific segment from the website audience, and then addresses those visitors with a laser-focused call to action. Advanced performance analytics allow rules to be evaluated and optimized in real time.