Concurrent and GoldPocket Announce Integrated Applications for On-Demand

Aug 09, 2005

Concurrent, a provider of on-demand technology, and GoldPocket Interactive, a provider of interactive television products and services, have announced a new initiative that integrates GoldPocket's advanced media technologies with Concurrent's MediaHawk On-Demand platform.

GoldPocket's advanced media solutions, combined with Concurrent's MediaHawk IMS, is designed to enable two-way interactivity with on-demand programming content, allowing consumers to customize their television viewing experience. GoldPocket technology enables users viewing on-demand programs to "telescope" to advertising, commerce capabilities, or other specialized content via "hotspots," or visual cues that are layered on top of the content. GoldPocket's StoryTeller, an interactive authoring product, allows providers to customize on-demand interfaces to reflect their content, creating these hotspots that highlight content specifically tailored to a viewer's preferences. The latest addition to Concurrent's on-demand platform, the MediaHawk Interactive Media Solution (IMS), helps service providers offer targeted promotions and advertising, taking the on-demand navigation process to an interactive level. Concurrent's MediaHawk IMS, with its in-band streaming technology, provides a solid foundation to support the interactive applications available from GoldPocket Interactive.