ConceptShare Partners with OpenText & ADAM Software

May 08, 2012

A partnership has developed between ConceptShare and OpenText in a move that both companies feel its customers will benefit from. The partnership aims to allow distributed creative and marketing teams to initiate reviews, view and annotate creative assets in OpenText Media Management, and track stakeholder feedback, change requests, and approval status.

The ConceptShare integration with OpenText Media Management will provide annotation and markup capability for documents, images, audio, web pages, interactive assets and video. Secure, controlled access is provided for users to collaborate during the creative review and approval process. All actions from feedback, to change requests, to approvals are saved. All annotations, change requests and approvals gathered after a review cycle is completed are stored as metadata and can be used for auditing, metrics, and reporting purposes.
This partnership is meant to allow companies to move through digital workflows faster .

In other ConceptShare news, marketing software provider ADAM Software has announced that it will partner up with the company in an effort to speed up the process of collaboration on media files. ADAMs says this partnership will develop cross-media collaboration solutions that help marketing professionals inorganizations of all sizes to communicate faster and more efficiently around media files.