Concept Searching Announces Discovery Software

Dec 12, 2008


Concept Searching, developers of concept based search, automatic classification, semantic metadata generation, and taxonomy management software, have announced the availability of PHIdiscovery, a solution that identifies Protected Health Information (PHI) for healthcare entities. PHIdiscovery is a solution that helps healthcare organizations manage the risk associated with PHI that may be located across repositories. The technology identifies content through advanced meta-tagging and automatic classification features. As content is created or ingested, PHI is automatically identified and classified to a folder for security and review procedures.

Concept Searching also announced the availability of FOIAdiscovery, a solution that augments current FOIA processes. FOIAdiscovery automatically generates compound term metadata from repositories and classifies it to the agency’s taxonomy. Once classified, when FOIA requests are being processed, the search features deliver the ability to identify concepts as well as keywords from within documents.