Comtex Launches SmarTrend Alert

Mar 08, 2005

Comtex News Network, Inc., a provider of economically useful electronic real-time news and content, has launched the new Comtex SmarTrend Alert (CSTA) to a limited group of its distributor partners. The new CSTA automated pattern recognition system is designed to generate approximately 5,000 intraday alerts each month, providing investors with a new tool for evaluating equities and giving Comtex distributors an exclusive new product offering.

Every business day, Comtex plans to issue approximately 250 CSTA UPTREND and/or DOWNTREND indicators, delivered with related news headlines when available, on more than 6,000 North American stocks included in the CSTA database. CSTA dynamically analyzes up to three years of historical stock price data coupled with real-time current-day trading information, and sends resulting alerts indicating that a price trend change has been identified. CSTA is based upon proprietary automated time-price series pattern recognition technology. Comtex expects to make CSTA available to all clients by the end of this month, and it will be offered on a free trial basis for 30 days.