Comrade Releases New Mobile Customer Experience Report

Jan 08, 2015

Mobile product development and device-appropriate customer experience design are converging. People are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before and expect more from their interaction with businesses. Comrade, a design and strategy agency, unveiled key findings from its new Mobile User Experience Research Report, along with top Customer Experience trends that companies should plan for in the year ahead.  

Mobile Apps versus Mobile Web: In many ways, the use of mobile applications has plateaued because of over-saturation in the market. The Comrade study found that 56% of mobile users currently have 10 or more apps. That said, the research also shows that when completing a task on their mobile device, 28% of users say they're most likely to use their mobile browser, while 23% say they prefer to use the app. As a result, both app & web designs are critical for businesses in the mobile space, so it pays to do them right.

Mobile Marketing Intersecting with CRM: Mobile marketing is not just for acquisition, but a more complete marketing experience that is based on Customer Relationship Management. Because consumers always have their mobile device on them and check it over 150 times per day, mobile experience now lets businesses communicate to their existing customers through alert notifications, in-app, email, and mobile web. The key to maintaining an effective relationship is doing so in a complementary way, giving users what they need when they need it.

Using Mobile to Combat Fraud: With the rise in fraud at some of the biggest businesses across the country, mobile users are looking for ways to protect themselves - the Comrade report found that more than half of mobile users (56 percent) are willing to trade a more simple customer experience if it provides me greater security against fraud. There is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to provide an intuitive, high-quality mobile experience that also safeguards users against fraud with offerings 1 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers's 2013 Annual Internet Trends Report that validate transactions, set fraud controls, and can generate unique payment IDs through their mobile device.

Mobile Payments: Consumers remain reluctant, and confused about mobile payments. As retailers, processors, and Apple battle over how customers pay for services through mobile, they introduce complexity in the user experience. The majority of customers will wait until there is a clear-cut easy way. Comrade's study found that mobile phone users do not have a clear understanding of Apple Pay, for one, and are less inclined to use payment functionality because of all the choices available to them.

The Mobile Compliment: E-commerce providers must leverage mobile to compliment a user's experience, as opposed to replicating what they get through a web browser. Comrade's research shows nearly four in 10 mobile users are most likely to use their mobile phone for shopping, so it pays to ensure they're getting something unique from their mobile interaction.